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Testosterone (free)


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Laboratory Code: 608W
Pathology Sample Type: Blood
Profile or Test: Single Test.
Number of Tests: 1
Test List: Testosterone (free)

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Testosterone (free): Testosterone (free) only

Results Reported In Approximately - 3 Business Days

  • Name of Test: Testosterone Measurement
  • Variants: Free Testosterone
  • Identification Code: 608W
  • Purpose: This assessment is pivotal for scrutinizing the functionality of adrenal and gonadal systems. It aids in discerning the nuances between adrenal and testicular anomalies.
  • Preparation Guidelines: No specific preparation is required.
  • Results Delivery: Within 1 day.

Reference Standards

The test employs reference intervals to interpret testosterone levels across various ages and genders, reflecting the dynamic hormonal fluctuations associated with different life stages.

  • Neonates and Infants (M/F): Observes a swift decline to levels typical of prepuberty by six months, following an initial drop and a subsequent rise within the first 60 days.
  • Children to Adolescents (M): Testosterone levels exhibit significant variance during puberty, necessitating consideration of the individual's developmental stage for accurate interpretation.
  • Adults (M): Establishes adult baseline levels, with specific ranges delineated for distinct age brackets.

Sample Collection and Preservation

  • Sample Type Required: Serum
  • Sample Volume: 1 milliliter
  • Preferred Container: Serum Gel Tube (SGT)

Collection Protocol: Ensure sample centrifugation.
Storage & Transportation: Samples should be kept refrigerated and transported in a cooled state.

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