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Blood Tests Canada is a functional pathology access platform operated by Blue Horizon Medicals in the UK. Initially used to help provide a comprehensive worldwide service to our International Corporate and Charity Clients it is now open for use by members of the general public for a limited number of tests and profiles.

Blue Horizon Medicals is part of Harley Street Health Checks (HSHCUK) who operate several pathology access websites around the world. This service also includes a GP referral.

Please find more details below about DYNACARE whom we refer our patients to in Canada.

Quality Commitment

At Dynacare, our commitment to the highest level of clinical and scientific quality is central to everything we do. That’s because we believe our patients and clients deserve no less than our very best – not just sometimes, but always. You can see this commitment on display in every facet of our company - from our training and development to our technologies, clinical procedures and service.

Quality Management

Our extensive Quality Management System (QMS) is an integral part of all Dynacare operations. That’s why we take a proactive approach to QMS design by establishing ongoing programs to ensure we meet both the evolving needs of our diverse client base as well as increasingly stringent regulatory requirements.

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