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Blood Tests In Canada

We offer referral to Health Service Centre locations which are located within Ontario ONLY, there is a good chance that you will find a location near you!

A: No you do not require a Doctor’s Referral, we provide one when you have placed an order. This is free of charge, and a consultation is not required unless stated on certain tests.

A: The turnaround times are clearly stated in working days on all of our blood test pages, this is the timeframe that we estimate for turnaround of results.

A: You will receive a PDF copy of your laboratory certificate which prints onto A4 paper. If you would like a paper copy, let us know and we will post one out to you.

We refer for blood draws at Dynacare in Canada, Ontario.

  1. Order Online. Select your required blood test from our test menu or call us on +141 6800 0999.
  2. Arrange an appointment at your preferred Dynacare location.
  3. Attend your chosen appointment for the blood draw (ensure you have checked if you need to fast before attending your blood draw)
  4. Wait for your blood test results, once they’re ready we will send them to you via email within the turnaround time stated on the website.