Thyroid Profile Basic

Thyroid Profile Basic



Doctor's Referral within 24 hours

Phlebotomy at a Dynacare Location

All Laboratory Charges

Doctor's Comments on Results

Phone Support

Critical Results Coverage

Simple Process

1. Order Online or over the phone.
2. Our Doctor will review your request.
3. We will send you a referral form within 24 hours.
4. Take form to your nearest Dynacare Location.
5. Laboratory send results to our Doctor.
6. Our Doctor Comments on the results and sends them to you.

Sample Required: Blood.

Turnaround time: 1 Business Day.

Profile/Single Test: Profile.

Tests Included: 2

Free T4, TSH

Tubes Needed: 1 x 5mL Gold Top

Laboratory Code: PM44

All Inclusive Price? Yes.

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